COVID-19 update

Feelfit Physiotherapy are still open and treating! We are taking all the necessary precautions and steps to ensure patient safety is paramount. Our team are also offering Telehealth consultations and at home visits if you don't feel comfortable leaving your house at the moment.  It's a very difficult situation for all, but we're determined to stay open, in particular to support those working on the front lines (cleaners, grocery store workers, doctors etc) who may require physiotherapy treatment.  Stay safe everyone, contact us on 3357 1803 for bookings or more information.

Ergonomics and workplace injuries


✓ Relieve pain of workplace injuries

✓ Assist with strengthening program to help early return to work

✓ Teach safe manual handling skills to prevent injuries


At Feelfit Physiotherapy we regularly carry out employment medical and functional assessment screenings for a large number of companies that want to ensure that their employees are physiologically and psychologically capable of the variable demands required in the workplace. In clinic we are capable of performing the following:

  • Functional assessments
    strength, endurance, manual handling, blood pressure checks, range of motion etc
  • Spirometry
  • Audiometry
  • Visual acuity
  • Instant drug and alcohol screening