COVID-19 update

Feelfit Physiotherapy are still open and treating! We are taking all the necessary precautions and steps to ensure patient safety is paramount. Our team are also offering Telehealth consultations and at home visits if you don't feel comfortable leaving your house at the moment.  It's a very difficult situation for all, but we're determined to stay open, in particular to support those working on the front lines (cleaners, grocery store workers, doctors etc) who may require physiotherapy treatment.  Stay safe everyone, contact us on 3357 1803 for bookings or more information.

Clinical Pilates


✓ Focus on treating specific injuries

✓ Prevent future muscle strain

✓ Improve posture

✓ Improve balance and flexibility

Assist overall recovery

✓ Strengthen weaker body areas


Clinical pilates is a form of exercise-based treatment focusing on treating specific injuries or conditions that are causing the individual pain or discomfort.

Treatment can assist with rehabilitation and prevention of future muscle strain. Clinical pilates is often used in conjunction with other forms of physiotherapy, and is an effective tool in improving core strength and stability. By retraining your core through targeted exercise, pilates can help improve posture, balance and flexibility. Exercises are recommended to target the injured part of the body as well as the weaker areas that may be predisposed to future injury.

At Feelfit Physiotherapy, our aim is to support overall recovery. Where general exercises may aggravate existing trauma or put you at risk of further injury, our physiotherapists can determine which specific exercises will benefit your body by introducing exercises targeting specific muscles based on your physical capabilities.

Feelfit’s Approach ​

During your first session you can expect:

  • Evaluation of your capabilities and limitations
  • Personalised exercise plan that identifies your goals and takes the form of gentle, non-aggravating strengthening exercises
  • Recommended frequency of sessions with guidance and education

Why not try incorporating clinical pilates as part of your holistic treatment and experience the benefits for yourself.

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